Dirt Bike Classes


Practice and learn correct body posture for riding situations. Progress into proper cornering technique. These tools are necessary in developing skills for “real-world” trail riding.
$199 per rider with apparel and bike provided

Level 2: Novice/Intermediate Levels Of Instruction
Let’s take off-road riding to the next level. This is for riders who already possess motorcycle fundamentals (the basic operation of the controls). Learn more intricate techniques and become a better/safer, accomplished rider. Learn and practice several body postures for each type of riding situation. Get solid cornering skills and become more “rider active.” Work within your comfort zone while still being challenged at a safe level. You will enjoy off-road even more as you progress to your next riding level.

Two riders minimum to conduct a class. Private lessons available for additional cost.

Coach2Rideis an approved provider for military off-road safety certifications. Discounts offered to active duty.

$199 per rider includes correct size loaner bike and apparel.

Ask about our group rates!

Inquire about cost if using your own bike and apparel

*Pre-payment is required. All credit cards/debit cards accepted. CALL 858-382-1515 to pre-pay.
$50, per rider, non-refundable deposit on cancellations made less than 20 hours prior to class.
Thank you!

Level 3: Advanced off-road, Adventure or Motocross (No Loaner Bikes)
Please contact us to discuss your specific riding goals and pricing.